I'm a systems administrator in the UK. The thing is I'm not like most systems administrators, I understand what I do in the widest possible sense. How can I do this? I look at systems administration with many different hats on.

What I Do


Technologies I use


Who I Am

I have a range of experience under my many hats, from networking, to servers, to monitoring, CI and deployment processes with a significant understanding of business processes and customer needs (including developers and end users).

So what can I do for you? It entirely depends upon what challenges you face. If it fits into the category of infrastucture, CI, monitoring, networking, multi-dc operation or a combination of them, I can help you to achieve your goals.


Previous work

I have worked within a wide range of sectors spanning both B2B and B2C, these include work for Government Digital Service, Football Radar, UK Trade & Investment, Business Link, Ellenborough Park, Monumental Games, Help the Hospices, the IAB, The Guru Project, Simon Kaye, Daren Bailie, Leigh Court, Dar Lighting, Enterprise Europe Network, The Land Registry, GWE Business West and many more.

The work undertaken ranges from website design and build, infrastructure build and management, CI process creation and monitoring systems, through to systems integration. I'm pretty adaptable to most environments, I have some though I won't adapt to.

In short, if you've got an ethical sense I'm sure I can work with you.

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